2000 News

Critical Recovery Unit Relies on Vinyl -- Architects Create Healing Environments
An Arizona hospital faced a challenge in designing a bone marrow transplant unit that had to be sterile yet attractive to patients. Designers and hospital manager chose multi-colored vinyl flooring in shades of adobe, verde, and violet. "There are few materials that can stand up to the excessive cleaning of sterile environments. Vinyl flooring is impervious to water and welded seams can prevent contaminants from being lodged in the seam area," says the project architect.

Faced With a Personal Design Problem, Architect Goes Vertical
A New Jersey architect decides on vertical vinyl siding to create a one-of-a-kind look for his contemporary home. "The vertical applications open up a new avenue of thought," says this trendsetter. "We were able to achieve exactly what I envisioned."

PVC Flooring in Hospitals - Obvious Choice or Health Risk?
The PVC flooring debate has certainly reduced over the years, but newspaper headlines still warn regularly about "leaking" vinyl flooring. Even so, vinyl flooring is the clear favourite in public environments.

Using Vinyl Creatively
Developers and designers are exploring ways to incorporate vinyl siding into human-scale neighborhoods without destroying the streetscape.

Vinyl, Chlorine Industries Help Build Georgia Communities Through Partnership With Habitat For Human
AMERICUS, Ga. - During the week of Sept. 8- 16, 2000, the Vinyl Institute (VI), the Chlorine Chemistry CouncilĀ® (CCC), and other vinyl product industry organizations are again helping citizens of Americus and Plains, Ga. achieve their goal of eliminating all poverty-level housing in their county.

The Next Best Thing to Birds' Eye Maple - PVC Pipe!
Princeton architect Michael Graves creates a solid wood look in his 2,500-volume library with painted PVC pipe and fiberboard shelving. Faux bois paint finish provides consistency hard to achieve with real wood.

Vinyl Decking is the Right Choice for Cedar Point Amusement Park
Cedar Point architect picks vinyl to replace marina decking at amusement park near Lake Erie, where winter temperatures can be brutal. "We've been through a full season with the vinyl deck and we like it so much that we are going to replace more of the marina's docks with the product," says Cedar Point's corporate architect.

In the Heart of Lumber Country, Custom Home Owner Insists on Vinyl
Guided by aesthetic and low maintenance benefits, a retired professional wrestler insists on vinyl siding for his million-dollar dream house.

Great Strides Have Been Made in Post and Rail Fencing
Post and rail fencing has been a part of the rural American landscape for many years, but about two decades ago a revolution in post and rail occurred which changed the nature of the industry forever.

Check Building Codes on Storage Sheds - Vinyl Sheds Elite of Kits
Many homeowners reach a point where a new storage shed, to hold tools and equipment that have overflowed the garage and basement, becomes a necessity. Here are some tips for making sure the shed becomes an asset.

Award-Winning Healthcare Setting Realized Using Broad Array of Vinyl Products
An interior design firm relies on vinyl wallcovering, flooring, handrails, bumper guards, transition strips and vinyl-backed carpeting to achieve a functional yet homely look at a long-term care facility prototype that earned an honorable mention in the Nightingale Product Design Competition at the 1999 Symposium on HealthCare Design.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye
After participating in the 2000 Habitat build, Margaret Tarampi, then a fifth year student at Carnegie Mellon University and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), recorded her thoughts for the Fall 2000 issue of Crit, the official AIAS publication, from which this is reprinted with permission.