2002 News

New Architectural Record CEU - Creating Interior Spaces That Stand the Test of Time
Vinyl, used as an interior material, combines aspects of traditional materials with advanced technologies and ongoing innovation that give it versatility, durability and beauty in many applications. As with products of any material, client satisfaction with the selection of vinyl products requires knowledge of the characteristics that can deliver particular performance attributes, but also proper specification and a commitment to ensuring that qualified installers deliver the workmanship on which that performance depends.

Survey Outlines Materials Selections In Healthcare Design
Interior designers specializing in healthcare facility design say the most important criteria driving their material choices are aesthetics, durability and ease of maintenance, according to a recent survey.

'The Science of Big': Vinyl Building Wraps Become Center of Attention at 2002 Winter Olympic Games
When ProGrafix International, Inc., a graphics firm located in Layton, Utah, learned about a plan conceptualized by the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Committee (SLOC) and entered the competition for a larger-than-life print job, it was clear that the project might be ProGrafix’ most demanding and thrilling assignment ever.

An Orthodontist’s Office Gets a New Face
After 22 years as an orthodontist in the Navy, Dr. Alfred J. Maskeroni decided to open a private practice with the goal of creating an office environment that would appeal both to his staff and teenage clientele. Using creative ceiling treatments, a vinyl wall mural of the underwater world and decorative but functional lighting, JSR transformed an ordinary office into an experience.

Vinyl Helps Draw In Crowds to Eye-Catching Olympic Structure
A multitude of things have inspired design over the years - a beautiful face, profound literature, divinity and, yes, even skiwear.

For Wendy’s Restaurants, Vinyl Roofs Stand Up to Sun, Foot Traffic and Grease
Prompted by the energy crisis over a generation ago, Wendy's International tops all of its restaurants with reflective vinyl roofing systems. The vinyl roofing specification has long been the standard for all company-owned restaurants, and is encouraged for use by franchisees.