2007 News

Winners of Architectural Student Design Competition Chosen
An architectural design competition that required competitors to use vinyl in 60 percent of visible components of a park kiosk in Boston concluded in December, and several winners were chosen.

Vinyl Piping System Approval Will Reduce Home Costs
The Vinyl Institute welcomed California's approval of CPVC (vinyl) pipe for residential plumbing as "a major victory for California consumers."

Vinyl Institute Backs New Wastewater Funding
The Vinyl Institute welcomed bipartisan legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives this week that renews the nation's commitment to financing state wastewater infrastructure projects.

PVC Water Pipes Found Superior
With the new Congress pushing legislation to renew America's aging drinking water and wastewater infrastructures, experts say the many advantages of PVC pipe will make it the material of choice for renewal programs throughout the country.

Manufacturers Boost Production to Meet Demand for Vinyl Windows, Frames
Two of the nation's leading window manufacturers -- Andersen and Pella -- announced that they are boosting production of vinyl windows to meet increasing public demand.

Recycling Vinyl Siding Found Easy and Economical
When a Canadian company stripped the vinyl siding from 275 houses being demolished on a military base, it was able to salvage 100 percent of the siding and then deliver it all to recyclers, saving many thousands of dollars in landfill fees and avoiding the landfill.

Bursting Concrete Pipe Replaced with More Durable PVC
When some four million gallons of raw sewage gushed from a manhole at an intersection in this Dallas suburb recently, authorities discovered that the problem was a burst concrete sewer pipe. They quickly replaced the collapsed concrete pipeline with 500 feet of PVC pipe, restoring flow to the system.

USGBC Panel Rejects 'Blunt Instrument' of Negative PVC Credit
The Vinyl Institute said that the final report of a U.S. Green Building Council panel on PVC (vinyl) reaffirmed the conclusions of its earlier draft report that PVC should not be the subject of a negative credit in the Council's LEED rating system.

What Makes a Product "Green"?
What makes a product "green"? This was one of the challenging topics at the National Association of Home Builders" Green Conference held recently. And it is the subject of a lot of misinformation, according to speaker Judith Nordgren, director of industry affairs of the Vinyl Institute.

How Vinyl Saves Energy, Water and Reduces Greenhouse Emissions
Since the first Earth Day in 1970, vinyl has played an ever-increasing role in helping Americans save energy, save water and reduce greenhouse gas emssions.

'Excellent Progress' Reported in PVC Recycling
The European PVC industry reported that its recycling program "exceeded expectations" in 2006, more than doubling the volume of recycled material for the second year in a row.

Growing Demand for 'Cool' Vinyl Roofing
Nationwide demand for vinyl roofing is "growing by leaps and bounds," according to industry experts, who say that demand for reflective white vinyl "cool roofs" has soared in the past five years as California and other states adopted codes encouraging the use of reflective materials.

Scientific Studies Confirm Safety of PVC
The safety of PVC in consumer products is well established and has been confirmed by numerous government health and safety agenices in the U.S. and worldwide over many years, according to a new study released by the Vinyl Institute.

PVC Saves Lives in Developing World
Engineers and engineering students working with Engineers Without Borders--USA have been saving lives and improving living conditions for tens of thousands by bringing clean drinking water, sanitation and irrigation systems to developing countries.

Energy-Saving PVC Water Barriers Protect Against Floods, Fires and Hazmat Spills
Tough, portable reusable PVC water barriers have become a valuable new tool in fighting emergencies ranging from floods to hazmat spills to frest fires.

Vinyl Flooring Has Become High Fashion in Europe
Sweden has become a leading center of the latest styles in "Sexy" resilient vinyl flooring and Giorgio Armani is among its biggest fans, according to the upscale European lifestyle magazine Monocle.