Designer Chooses Vinyl for Innovative Products
Designer Pierre Miremont, owner of Petaluma, Calif.-based Architectural Plastics, chooses PVC to solve problems ranging from broken Ethernet cards to unwelcome cat “spray.”

Homeowners Select Vinyl Decks for Safety, Durability
May is Deck Safety Month -- and homeowners are increasingly turning to vinyl decks and railings for safety, as well as durability and ease of maintenance.

Vinyl Windows Withstand Storm
A surge in orders for vinyl windows was predicted today in the wake of East Coast storms which battered states from the Carolinas to Massachusetts with winds of more han 60 mph.

Bring 'Vinyl in Design' Course to Your Office for CEU Credit
“Vinyl in Design” is an educational program designed to familiarize architects and designers with the range of solutions vinyl provides for today’s and tomorrow’s design challenges.

How Vinyl Saves Energy, Water and Reduces Greenhouse Emissions
Since the first Earth Day in 1970, vinyl has played an ever-increasing role in helping Americans save energy, save water and reduce greenhouse gas emssions.

Energy-Saving PVC Water Barriers Protect Against Floods, Fires and Hazmat Spills
Tough, portable reusable PVC water barriers have become a valuable new tool in fighting emergencies ranging from floods to hazmat spills to frest fires.

Sustainability & Performance Add to Utah Olympic Oval Appeal
At the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, speed skaters set world and Olympic records in eight of the ten events. Those impressive results were in part possible because of a variety of performance-enhancing building features – which instantly made the Salt Lake City Olympics the focal point of widespread professional interest in the design industry.

An Orthodontist’s Office Gets a New Face
After 22 years as an orthodontist in the Navy, Dr. Alfred J. Maskeroni decided to open a private practice with the goal of creating an office environment that would appeal both to his staff and teenage clientele. Using creative ceiling treatments, a vinyl wall mural of the underwater world and decorative but functional lighting, JSR transformed an ordinary office into an experience.

Open-Air Stadium Uses Vinyl Roofing
Installing roofing in nice weather can be satisfying work, especially when you’re a football fan and working on the newest NFL stadium in the country. There’s only one hitch – most of the 200,000 square feet of roofing surface on the new Denver Bronco Stadium isn’t in the open air at all.

Vinyl Roof Gives Art Museum Cool Looks, Reliable Performance
An architect's work is typically grounded in a certain philosophy or vision of how lines, shapes and forms interact with each other to create a defined structure. Just as often, it may reflect an institution's mission. As in, for instance, "see, explore and make art" - the motto of Bellevue Art Museum in Bellevue, Wash.

'The Science of Big': Vinyl Building Wraps Become Center of Attention at 2002 Winter Olympic Games
When ProGrafix International, Inc., a graphics firm located in Layton, Utah, learned about a plan conceptualized by the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Committee (SLOC) and entered the competition for a larger-than-life print job, it was clear that the project might be ProGrafix’ most demanding and thrilling assignment ever.

In the Heart of Lumber Country, Custom Home Owner Insists on Vinyl
Guided by aesthetic and low maintenance benefits, a retired professional wrestler insists on vinyl siding for his million-dollar dream house.

Faced With a Personal Design Problem, Architect Goes Vertical
A New Jersey architect decides on vertical vinyl siding to create a one-of-a-kind look for his contemporary home. "The vertical applications open up a new avenue of thought," says this trendsetter. "We were able to achieve exactly what I envisioned."

Vinyl Decking is the Right Choice for Cedar Point Amusement Park
Cedar Point architect picks vinyl to replace marina decking at amusement park near Lake Erie, where winter temperatures can be brutal. "We've been through a full season with the vinyl deck and we like it so much that we are going to replace more of the marina's docks with the product," says Cedar Point's corporate architect.

Military Base Becomes Newest Community Along Chicago's North Shore
Designers used two-toned vinyl windows in upscale townhouses and single-family homes at a converted former U. S. military base. "People are looking for maintenance-free homes all the time - even if the homes are over a million dollars," says Chicago architect involved in the project.

Vinyl-Coated Hangars Give the Military More Flexibility
A Florida building design company has developed a new role for vinyl in portable military aircraft hangars that can be quickly assembled and disassembled for air campaigns.

Interior Designer Uses Vinyl to Make High Impact at Entertainment Powerhouse
The Nashville entertainment powerhouse Gaylord Entertainment - best known as the parent company of The Grand Ole Opry, and co-owner of the National Hockey League's Nashville Predators - needed a new cafeteria. Its employees needed a place not only to eat, but also where they could get away from the stress of this fast-paced industry. Using vinyl, Tiffany Lyda, IIDA, successfully designed such a place.

Award-Winning Healthcare Setting Realized Using Broad Array of Vinyl Products
An interior design firm relies on vinyl wallcovering, flooring, handrails, bumper guards, transition strips and vinyl-backed carpeting to achieve a functional yet homely look at a long-term care facility prototype that earned an honorable mention in the Nightingale Product Design Competition at the 1999 Symposium on HealthCare Design.

Teaching Method Drives Design -- Vinyl Flooring Frees Designer and Architect
Elementary school turns to vinyl flooring in a new design plan aimed to stimulate innovation and creativity. Why vinyl? Says project director of interior design: "It really boils down to two things, design flexibility and durability."

Critical Recovery Unit Relies on Vinyl -- Architects Create Healing Environments
An Arizona hospital faced a challenge in designing a bone marrow transplant unit that had to be sterile yet attractive to patients. Designers and hospital manager chose multi-colored vinyl flooring in shades of adobe, verde, and violet. "There are few materials that can stand up to the excessive cleaning of sterile environments. Vinyl flooring is impervious to water and welded seams can prevent contaminants from being lodged in the seam area," says the project architect.

The Next Best Thing to Birds' Eye Maple - PVC Pipe!
Princeton architect Michael Graves creates a solid wood look in his 2,500-volume library with painted PVC pipe and fiberboard shelving. Faux bois paint finish provides consistency hard to achieve with real wood.

French Couple Brings ‘Material Of The Century’ To California Ceilings
Affix a vinyl membrane to a frame, heat it, mold it and – Voilà! – you’ve transformed the drab and ho-hum into elegant and avant-garde. Interior and remodeling experts Jean and Marie Gachet have brought the unique French Ceiling technique to California.

Soft Vinyl Weaves Through a Designer’s Vision to Redefine Flooring
The vinyl flooring creations of nationally acclaimed designer Sandy Chilewich accentuate European auto shows and Herman Miller showrooms, and the sales of her invention, Plynyl, continue to double annually.