Solar Energy Cells Meet PVC—A Brilliant Match
When you laminate photovoltaic cells to highly reflective PVC roofing membrane, you get an ecological one-two punch: Solar energy is harnessed to generate electricity, and unwanted heat is reflected away from buildings. This patented solar integrated roof system is topping buildings in California and in Europe.

Vinyl Tops Canada’s Busiest Airport
Architectural firms charged with creating a new terminal at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport found vinyl was the best roofing material to meet all the demands of this unique design. Read more about why vinyl was chosen in this part of a $4.4 billion redevelopment project at Canada’s busiest airport.

Sustainability & Performance Add to Utah Olympic Oval Appeal
At the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, speed skaters set world and Olympic records in eight of the ten events. Those impressive results were in part possible because of a variety of performance-enhancing building features – which instantly made the Salt Lake City Olympics the focal point of widespread professional interest in the design industry.

Open-Air Stadium Uses Vinyl Roofing
Installing roofing in nice weather can be satisfying work, especially when you’re a football fan and working on the newest NFL stadium in the country. There’s only one hitch – most of the 200,000 square feet of roofing surface on the new Denver Bronco Stadium isn’t in the open air at all.

Vinyl Roof Gives Art Museum Cool Looks, Reliable Performance
An architect's work is typically grounded in a certain philosophy or vision of how lines, shapes and forms interact with each other to create a defined structure. Just as often, it may reflect an institution's mission. As in, for instance, "see, explore and make art" - the motto of Bellevue Art Museum in Bellevue, Wash.

Cool Roofs Save Energy Measured Energy Savings in a Large Retail Store
In a recent study, a cost-competitive reflective roof membrane reduced the average summertime daily maximum roof-surface temperature of a retail store in Austin, Texas, from 168°F (76°C) to 126°F (52°C).