Environmental Considerations

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Environmental Considerations

Section Contents:

Recyclability and disposal issues
Energy efficiency
Resource conservation

Recyclability and disposal issues. Because vinyl is a thermoplastic, it can be reheated, melted and used again. A recent study determined that more than 99 percent of all vinyl ends up in a finished product. Even the vinyl sawdust that is created by decking installation can be put back into the recycling stream. No paints or stains are left over requiring special treatment for disposal, and no preservative chemicals are needed thereby eliminating potential absorption into the ground water.

Energy efficiency. Because of its durability, vinyl outdoor living products do not have to be replaced as often as many other outdoor building materials. Durability is a significant benefit for the environment because less energy and other resources are used to make the product.

Resource conservation. As with all resources, the use of wood has consequences for the environment - especially the loss of habitat and soil from over-harvesting and old growth forests that produce the best wood.