Selection/Specification Guidance

Section Contents:

Relevant standards
Code information


Relevant standards. Because of the relative infancy of vinyl in the fencing, decking and railing market, standards are now in development for these specific areas. During this process, manufacturers are relying on railing and flooring requirements contained in existing building codes while standards specific to outdoor decking and railing are under development at ASTM and AAMA. For a list of applicable standards see "Bibliography."

Code information. Manufacturers of vinyl outdoor living products typically design products to meet the most demanding provisions of various international, national, state and municipal codes. Listed below is a sampling of codes organizations for reference.

International Code Council (ICC)

Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC)

In general, vinyl outdoor living products are well-accepted by these code organizations, although localized restrictions may apply. Always check local codes before specifying these or other products.