Calender: To press between rollers or plates to provide continuous sheets of flooring material.

Impact loads: The momentary indentations produced from walking traffic, for example, measured as pounds per square inch. The smaller or sharper the impact area, the more damaging the indentation. Inlaid: A vinyl floor type in which vinyl chips are laid on top of a carrier sheet and then bonded together, under heat and pressure, resulting in geometric patterns and non-geometric patterns. Residential inlaid typically has a clear wear layer applied over the vinyl chips for ease of maintenance.

Post-consumer recycled content: Products made with materials that have been recovered or otherwise diverted from the solid waste stream after consumer use.

Post-industrial recycled content: Products made with materials that have been recovered or otherwise diverted from the solid waste stream during the manufacturing process.

Reagent: A chemically or biologically active substance used in applications such as photography or product manufacturing.

Resilient floor: A category of tile and sheet material characterized by its ability to return to its original form after compacting. Types include solid vinyl, vinyl composition, backed or cushioned vinyl, rubber, cork and linoleum.

Rolling loads: Loads created by rolling traffic such as carts, litters, etc., across a floor. The bearing surface of the wheels creates the compressive force. Resilient floors should be protected with plywood, hardboard or other underlayment panels whenever heavy fixtures or appliances are moved across the surface.

Rotogravure: A process within the manufacturing of a vinyl floor in which a set of rotating print cylinders systematically print various colored inks on top of a core layer, which is called the gel coat. The printed pattern is then covered with a clear vinyl wear layer and fused or oven cured.

Solid vinyl flooring: Typically tile flooring containing a mixture of vinyl resins, plasticizer, fillers, pigments and other additives.

Static loads: Any loads remaining in a stationary position for long periods of time. Static load limit values for flooring have been established to aid in the selection and protection of resilient flooring for use under these conditions.

Vinyl composition tile: Also known as VCT. These floor tiles are made from vinyl resins, plasticizer, fillers, pigment and other additives to create resilient flooring in assorted colors and patterns.