Wallcoverings are an important decorating tool in both residential and commercial settings. They can be used on nearly every type of surface, enhancing interiors with a wide array of patterns and colors.

While it's the decorative surface that catches the eye, the substrate is more important in determining which product should be selected for a particular interior finish. Vinyl is used in many types of wallcoverings because it enhances durability. Wallcoverings containing vinyl also are stronger and easier to clean than alternative products such as papers, linens, foils or grass cloth. Basically, vinyl wallcoverings consist of one or more layers of a vinyl plastic with a backing such as polyester-and-cotton blend woven fabric, nonwoven fabric or paper.

Vinyl wallcoverings are available in both commercial and residential categories. Commercial wallcoverings are produced specifically for use in buildings such as hotels, apartments, offices, hospitals and retail establishments and are typically heavier than residential stock.